Roger Samworth

Lunar dome spotting from the window-sill. 26/05/2018

The moon phase, nearly full, wiped out any prospect of DSO observing tonight, but it seemed ideal to do a bit of dome spotting.

Domes tend to be small, and that stretches the poor little window-sill ST80 to the limit.

Anyway, for what its worth here is an image of 3 of the Gruithuisen domes. Mons Gruithuisen, Gruithuisen  gamma and Gruithuisen delta. You can tell that they are raised domes as their shadows are reversed to those of craters.

Sun today – – – 19/05/2018

Air a bit steadier and the sky clearer today, so the images are better. Since yesterday, the filament has developed and some prominences have appeared on the advancing limb. If you want to compare this with Andy and Damian’s images later today, don’t forget I have flipped and rotated these to match those from GONG and SOHO.

GONG images Copyright: GONG/NSO/AURA/NS