Roger Samworth

Leo triplet in the morning (01/12/2019)

While waiting for “Mercury in the morning”, Leo was high in the sky, and although not ideally placed from the window-sill, I decided to try for an image of one of my favourite targets, the Leo triplet, NGC3628, M65 and M66. Not as good as my previous efffort (, but not too bad given dawn was just about breaking.


Mercury in the morning

Couldn’t sleep.

Compensation was clear skies at dawn from the window-sill.

Sony DSC-HX60

Inset with 80mm f/5 refractor + X2 barlow + PD camera,

A bit later-


Now had chance to look at the image sequence I took to investigate the “fake” Arcturus.

Here is one acquired 2 minutes earlier with Mercury still clear of the trees (and with a slightly different exposure)  that I have left uncropped to show the “real” Arcturus. No sign of the fake one!