Nick Cox

Observing Jupiter 28/5/19

Swadlincote. C6r refractor.

Some entertaining views waiting for Jupiter to rise . Amazing view of unfiltered M27. The Summer Triangle was high giving views of Cygnus. Serpens and Ophiuchus gave great views of open clusters , the “summer beehive ” IC 4665 and “Graff’s” , IC 4756, stood out as very fine. M5 is a gem to resolve.

After midnight a very bright Jupiter arrived. Opposition will be on the 10th of June. Although as quoted as being low in the south , it was nicely positioned to observe. Even low power showed Ganymede off the limb and the shadow of Io in transit. The size of the disc at x320 was amazing  at 47″. Best views were about x160. The south polar area being dark. The bands had dark edges with a lot of activity to the equator. Thin cloud acted as a good filter giving lots of contrast. Seeing soon deteriorated. Best just to keep focus and let the views come. A very interesting session , keep observing throughout the summer , under clear skies ! Nick.


Sun action : science day RAG

Between clouds , managed this stirring sight. Very pleased to read that AR  had appeared , this being AR 2738 which had disappeared around the limb for two weeks. In white light photosphere view there was plenty surface action and a couple of small pores. Plages usually show up here , but it was difficult viewing being near the limb. In Ha there was plenty action with arching prominences, plasma condensing and surface granulation.

A very fine show for our current solar minimum . 35 mm of aperture and wide field does give grand views,


14/2/19 Solar action.

The most promising of forecasts soon breaks down into chasing gaps between the clouds. It seems best to get set up early !

Really surprised at how much detail the Hershel wedge gives. AR 2738 still in one piece , the smaller spots are more obvious . Some proms and filaments in Ha.

Looks like we’ll have to follow this on Gong , always worth looking at before setting out , Nick.

AR 2738 more detail !

Very surprised to getting even more solar action. A huge arc of plasma floated free way above the limb, this together with proms gave plenty to observe. The whole disc showed surface activity.

Using a green and polarising filter with the Herschel wedge at x65, the spot gave a really spiked edge. This came and went with the seeing , but settled, never noticed these spikes before. Again , a lovely day to set up and return , under clear skies ! Nick.

8/4/2019 AR 2738 large sunspot.

Not the best of seeing , light cloud didn’t help. But a welcome huge sunspot. Resolved by eye , it gave four near joined black areas with a large penumbra. Plenty of surface detail.

Got this using a Lunt Herschel wedge and a polarising filter in a Vixen 90mm. By eye there was also a smaller spot nearer the limb. Ha gave a huge hedgerow prom. This is a B solar flare event , those to the north will be happy to get auroras.

clear skies ! Nick.