Ken Crichton

Flaming star IC 405

Its been a couple of months since I’ve done any astrophotography mainly due to family commitments and gardening during the long summer days. This image of the flaming star was actually one from last year that had a few issues so i decided to leave it for a summer holiday to process. I had quite a few dust bunnies which my flats didn’t resolve so I’ve used clone stamp in pixinsight. 43×2.5min + darks and flats.



Decided since its galaxy season to have a crack at M51. Actually i was planning this only as a test before my new scope arrives in July but didn’t expect such a result. There is a bit of field curvature in stars around the galaxy (pointing outwards) but from this experience i expect to remove that in future subs by better centering the object before and after a meridian flip. 93×1.5min. I will also increase exposure next time although i was concerned by mirror flop etc etc which didn’t show its face.


Christmas tree

Images taken on the 26th Feb 31×2.5min D2 filter and 28×2.5min NB1 filter. Ive realized i  really need to start adjusting focus during the night as temperature differences and seeing conditions have shown me in this image. Looking at my RAW images a huge difference can be seen from the beginning of the evening. Also the christmas tree is reasonably low on the horizon for me with a lot of light pollution so im pleased to get this result.

Rosette NB1 filter

I thought id have a crack at the Rosette nebula to test out my new IDAS NB1 filter and I’m very pleased with the result. First thing you’ll will notice with the filter is that due to the higher cut off point and different wavelengths the histogram saturates pretty quickly under a near full moon. The large majority of this is Halpha but its very pleasing to obtain anything under a bright moon especially a part colour image. At this point id say its one of my best astro purchases!

51X2.5min under the moon

IC 342

More than a month has passed since i had a go at imaging IC 342 and finally this week i had a chance! A very difficult object for me to capture, even a 2.5min exposure only really shows the galactic core. Ive been reading up a bit about this galaxy and it is partially obscured by dusty areas in the milky way which gives it its name “the hidden galaxy”. The ridiculous light pollution of course doesn’t help matters !  This is a total stack of 81×2.5min. It is rather colorful i know but i do like this effect and ive seen some ic 342’s before with a golden look 🙂


M81 M82 and NGC 3077

First time out for a while due to very poor weather conditions so i thought id try to make the most of it. My first attempt at the 3 galaxies M82, M81 and NGC 3077 from a total of 93×2.5min exposures. It has been commented that M81 may look more natural with a warm core and cooler outer arms although for whatever reason (processing, camera response etc etc) Ive ended up with quite a warm galaxy altogether. Cant say I’m disappointed although perhaps something to look at next time. Actually I’m quite pleased with the cameras Halpha response in most of my photos considering im still using a dslr.