Geoff Dryland



Another attempt at using the Straton software.

The target is a large Planetary Nebula in Cancer. However, as always, it is quite dim. Only used the Ha so far but it does take a good narrow band. This was using the Atik 450 before it was sent back to the maker.

Total time on this is 1hour 30mins over 3 nights.

As before, having stacked in DSS and then Fits Liberator, the image was put through Straton to remove the stars. The remaining image was sent to PS and Stretched as much as I dared. Then the stars were put back and the result is above. When I get the camera back I’ll be adding more Ha and the O3 &S2 (That will probably be next year!!)


Spider and the Fly

Hi all,

Taken with big camera Atik 4021. Spider on right (sh2-234) and Fly on left (sh2-237) in the constellation of Auriga in one session last week.

This is a total of 3 hours made up of Ha, O3 and S2 each 1 hour in 5 minute subs using the Takahashi Epsilon at f2.8.

The images I took last time with the Atik 450 only just covered the bright part of the spider and the fly.  It is now back with Atik as it has now given up the ghost completely. So I’m back with the big camera for a while.

Finally getting close with the focus which is now working with the electronic focuser after I found a screw to tighten !








Inspired by Neil’s image of IC1333, I had a  go myself.

I did my best with the conditions but

I was hampered by a number of things.

  1. The moon was only 15 degrees off the target and 75% full
  2. Only a small amount of data collected. Red 9 x 5 minutes, Green 9 x 5mins, Blue 7 x 5mins.
  3. The camera decided not to function in the cooling mode so all images at ambient temperature  (hence noisy),
  4. Me!

SH2-252, Monkey Head nebula

This is the RGB version of the Monkey Head nebula (SH2-252) that I have taken over the last few weeks. Those of you who were at the meeting on Friday will have seen this  in the demonstration I did on the night. The nebula sits right at the very top of Orion. Taken with the Takahashi Epsilon 180 @f2.8 and using the Atik 450 camera, this is a total of 4 hours 25 minutes exposures (Ha x 11, O3 x 20, S2 x 22, 5 minute exposures). It’s a good target for imaging, being bright and easy to find.






Hi All,

Got a new toy for Christmas and just waited for a clear night. Only one night so far, so have only managed a quick image of the B30 nebula in Orion.

The new toy is for processing, it’s the Straton star removal program.

Having taken only 6x5minute images in each of Red, Green, Blue and Ha, the data was stacked in Deep Sky Stacker. Next, each one was put through Fits Liberator. These master images were then all aligned in Maxim DL.

The RGB images were put through Photo Shop curves and combined then tweeked in the colour adjustments.

The Ha image was put through the new toy and had all the stars removed from it in 35 minutes (automatically of course!).

This was then put back in PS and combined in “Levels” with the RGB image. After a bit more fiddling in curves I got this result.

It sounds a long and complicated process……….IT IS!!

Anyway, for a first attempt I’m quite pleased with the result.