Astrophotography – solar (Sun)

Yesterday’s prominence

Here is another stunning amateur image of the prominence I imaged yesterday:

This time from Florida, and again with expensive glassware (6″ f/8 refractor + Quark)

I console myself that again, it wouldn’t go on a window-sill and be at instant readiness (“The best telescope is the one you use the most”). Doesn’t stop me sighing deeply – – -!

C’mon you Quarkers – put up some competition!

Prominence processing comparison 14/08/2018

Having been seriously impressed with this image of the prominence the other day acquired with a Lunt LS152

Sunspot AR2718

I thought I would have another go at processing my window-sill image. I screwed down the alignment box size (in Registax 6) to 10 pixels and limited the processing to the prominence area. I then added a bit of Lucy-Richardson sharpening in GIMP. I think the extra aperture of the LS152 allows a much faster shutter speed, limiting the blur due to atmospheric wobble. The result is below.

Not as good as the LS152, of course.

There is also the small matter of a factor of 20-30 in the price of the optics of course – – – – Sigh!