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Mercury transit

I was trying to find some decent images of the Mercury transit from the UK. There weren’t that many!

This one looked good:

And then there is the good old faithful Pete Lawrence! (Not sure where from, though)

But this one takes the prize!

Transit of Mercury 11/11/2019

Managed to catch the first few minutes of the transit before having to go out.

The first image is poor as it was culled from only a few frames of the raw avi. At least its early, between 1st and 2nd contact.

Similarly the prominences were derived from only a few frames.

The second and third are better, as there was a few seconds gap in the clouds for each image sequence.

I then had to leave – – – !

Worth the effort? Yes, bearing in mind I will be 85 in 2032 – – -! Sporting chance I won’t be here then!


Mercury Transit 1

I started off with my ASI120MC, and started packing up after getting plenty of video, but changed my mind after looking at the satellite images of cloud.

It did indeed clear up and I got plenty of DSLR images of the transit after less optimistic souls fled in the face of the rain and cloud! Those who stayed on saw Mercury on the preview screen and we also got stunning views through Andy’s Daystar Quark.

I couldn’t get anything usable out of Registax or Autostakkert so I manually stacked the ten highest scoring images (and added a bit of colour, to make the image easier on the eye):

Mercury Transit 11 November 2019
Mercury Transit 11 November 2019