Christmas present and Ultima Thule

One of my Christmas presents was a book by David Eicher and Brian May – “Mission Moon 3D”. This is a superb book that amongst other things contains lots of 3D photos (and a viewer) from the Moon missions.

Turns out that Mr May is a stereoscopic photo enthusiast, and has produced some stereo images of Ultima Thule – see

It works too! (at least with the viewer from the book)



Hi All,

Got a new toy for Christmas and just waited for a clear night. Only one night so far, so have only managed a quick image of the B30 nebula in Orion.

The new toy is for processing, it’s the Straton star removal program.

Having taken only 6x5minute images in each of Red, Green, Blue and Ha, the data was stacked in Deep Sky Stacker. Next, each one was put through Fits Liberator. These master images were then all aligned in Maxim DL.

The RGB images were put through Photo Shop curves and combined then tweeked in the colour adjustments.

The Ha image was put through the new toy and had all the stars removed from it in 35 minutes (automatically of course!).

This was then put back in PS and combined in “Levels” with the RGB image. After a bit more fiddling in curves I got this result.

It sounds a long and complicated process……….IT IS!!

Anyway, for a first attempt I’m quite pleased with the result.



Ultima Thule and Image Processing

While we are waiting agog for images of Ultima Thule from the New Horizons probe, I thought you all might be interested in a bit of “professional” image processing by NASA. See

I wonder if New Horizons has a window-sill?!

Just out of curiosity, I wondered what GIMP might do with the “RAW” image on the left:

Shows what you can do simply for free!




Solargraphs – Summer>Winter Solstice 2018

All from Baked Bean cans within a 10 mile radius, using Ilford Multigrade B&W paper. Scanned and played with in Photoshop.

Andy’s first one, slightly different angle to his usual version.

And his second – massive amounts of water damage (was still a few mm of rain in the bottom of the can), but love the effect it’s created. This is his usual angle (so can be compared to previous attempts). Can just make out the house bottom right of centre and the tree to the left.

Mine, screwed to the house, SSE facing.

Sister’s from her new home. Was surprised at the very upper sun trace, but it can be matched to my own above. Thought at first it must have moved or have been a reflection from the inside top of the can. The cans are painted black inside and any movement would have created a double image of the houses – there isn’t anything to suggest that.

One I made up for a lady at my new workplace.