Astrophotography – solar system

Dawn from the window-sill – – -04/12/2018

Dawn is getting pretty interesting for the next few days with Mercury now making an entrance. As an extra bonus, the Moon was there today too.

In the first image (at 06:46 UT) you can see Venus, the Moon, and Spica.

The next images are a bit later (at 07:02 UT), and Mercury has now risen. The images were acquired with my Canon SX610HS snapshot camera, and the inset of Venus with the 80mm f/5 refractor + 2X X2 barlows  + PD camera.


The next week or two is a good opportunity to observe Mercury. Binoculars will help. Some people heve never seen it!

Moon – Clavius area – 17/11/18

December’s Sky at Night magazine has a “Moonwatch” article about the Clavius area. In particular the “curious curving progression of craterlets, starting at Clavius J and ending at Rutherfurd”. Here is the window-sill image of that area.

As usual it is the ST80 with 2X x2 barlows and the Mikrokular full HD.

The first image is the base image, and the second is a labelled detail from that image.

My 2018 Solar System

I’ve been quiet for a while, largely due to car problems, hopefully behind me for now!

I’ve managed to image all the planets (except Earth and poor Pluto!) this year, although Uranus and Neptune were fuzzed up by poor seeing and Mercury is fairly random – I got a shot of it in the sunset above Barton under Needwood from the flyover on the A38! After darkening the background and resampling to three time bigger I was left with a red dot that is Mercury but I won’t pretend it’s ‘proper’ image.


Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.