Astrophotography – solar system

Mineral Moon from 29th December

Here’s a picture of last night’s full moon. I’ve spent a good part of the today learning some new processing techniques from the page below:

How To Photograph And Edit a Mineral Moon | Light Stalking

Unfortunately the steps are all in Photoshop, so I had to work out how to do them in GIMP, but it seems to have worked. I wanted to see if I could do this entirely in free software, but couldn’t get the noise reduction to work so there’s a bit of Pixinsight in here, but otherwise it’s all done with free stuff.

Capture details are: Canon DSLR on 130PDS – Disc is stack of 30 of 1/500s, halo is a single jpeg at 1/10 sec

Processing is: Converted to avi by Pipp, stacked in Autostakkert, Saturation and Layers in GIMP and Noise reduction in Pixinsight MLT.




Great Conjunction

A major miscalculation meant I had to abandon my ADC and my x3 barlow, a terrible same as I could have had a really good close image of the planets within the frame 🙁

In retrospect I should have imaged them separately with my usual setup, then taken a ‘;key image’ without the barlow to overlay them on. I’ll be ready again in 600 years time…

Without my ADC the red and green images of Jupiter were a bit stretched making it look a bit oval 🙂 Still I reckon better than the pics the BBC and the Guardian were using 😎

Great Conjunction
Great Conjunction

Grand Conjunction Jupiter and Saturn 20/12/2020

Not a great photo but I caught it at least!

Predicted to be cloudy on 21/12/2020, the night of closest approach (which turned out to be correct), I opted to go out night before.

Blobby because I used Sky Watcher Equinox 80mm and Altair Astro 183M to take this photo (single frame) rather than my SkyMax 180mm + planetary video camera (which had been plan but planetary pair so low in sky close to roof of neighbouring house than I went for safety with something I could guarantee).


Some Marseses…

… as Gollum might put it.

Reprocess of my data from 13 September,



From Thursday last week:

More Mars
More Mars

And the day after, Friday at Rosliston, the seeing wasn’t as good and Mars wasn’t as high in the sky:


All with the same equipment, so sometimes it’s just down to the conditions… Andy’s to be congratulated for getting recognisable images on his first go under such poor seeing.