Interview with Robin Glover – Author of Sharpcap

Hi Folks


Here’s a link to a fascinating interview with Robin Glover, talking to a New York interviewer about CMOS / CCD camera and exposure length

The bit I found interesting is a feature that’s now in Sharpcap Pro. It’s called Smart Histogram and it ‘calibrates’ the camera chip and the current background sky¬† brightness. It then calculates the optimum Gain/ Exposure settings for a particular imaging session


Solar image 5/5/2020 sharpened using SharpenAI plug in for Photoshop 25/9/2020

Yesterday I downloaded a trial version of SharpenAI – a new sharpening stand-alone programme/plug-in for Photoshop (it comes with both) that uses AI to improve sharpening of images.

Below is my first attempt at using the software, on a solar image from 5/5/2020. It is a close-up of part of the solar disc. What do you think?


Iris Nebula

Probably spent far too long processing this one, but I really wanted to try and bring out the dust. Still not quite happy with it, but been looking at it too long and need to walk away- for a while at least! Also noticed that there was a touch of tilt on the stars. I spent a while adjusting it… and I’ve made it worse!! So much for my DIY skills.

This is an 1 hr 20 minutes data from 14th. 30 second subs at 250 gain in SW200p- 20 mins of Blue and Green and 40 mins of Red (it clouded over before I got to the blue and green second time around!)