Canis minor.

Canis Minor.
It’s always a joy to see lonely Procyon with Gomeisa marking Canis Minor. Procyon has a very close companion ( just as Sirius has),a white dwarf. It’s observation followed it’s irregular 40 year orbit. This gives a 2″ minimum separation at +11.3 brightness.(see below). There is a third wider companion (C) at 120″.
Σ1073 gives a contrasting view with a tiny speck of the secondary at 8.9″.
Σ1103 again a contrasting speck at a closer 3.8″.
Σ1126 is a challenging 1.0″ split.
Σ1137 another delicacy at 2.5″.
14 CMi is a lovely triple group.
Σ1175 is widening from 1.4″.
Σ1182 gives a 4.4″ split, note a very red carbon star (SAO 116340) in the field of view.
Although poor in deep sky there are some lovely binaries here and the amazing Procyon,

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