Calibrating Zeiss IM microscope

In past posts, I have included photographs of different objects and organisms with different objective lenses, taken using the Bresser MikroOkular camera. However, it has really not been obvious how big everything is – the photographs below are of marks on a calibration slide using different objectives, all taken using MikroOkular camera instead of an Ocular (eyepiece).

On the calibration 1 division = 0.01mm


Calibration-slide-4x-BRIGHTFIELD-objective-130517.jpg (below):

Calibration-slide-10x-PHASE-objective130517.jpg (below):

Calibration-slide-20x-BRIGHTFIELD-objective-130517.jpg (below):

Calibration-slide-40x-PHASE-objective 130517.jpg (below):

Calibration-slide-100x-PHASE-objective-130517.jpg (below). This is my Cooke-Baker objective and, although it is listed as 100x, interestingly the image looks to same scale as 40x Phase objective above and much less magnified than 100x brightfield objective (at bottom post) – suggests to me that this objective has not been correctly labelled or wrong lens used during manufacture.

Calibration-slide-100x-BRIGHTFIELD-objective-130517.jpg (below, brightness and contrast enhanced in GIMP software):

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