Calibrating DIY Spectrometer+beam splitter+Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm combination 26/8/2018 using compact fluorescent light bulb

I calibrated the combination of DIY Spectrometer + beam splitter + Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm OTA using Compact Fluorescent light bulb.

Please note that after posting the following, I later discovered that there were some significant errors in the calibration values obtained here – see


Calculation spreadsheet for higher order polynomials Excel Andrew Thornett 260818@1237 (Excel spreadsheet)

Calibration-spectrum-CLF-DIYbeamEquinox-80-260818@1237.png – note this shows pixels on x-axis:


Calibrated-spectrum-of-CFL-DIYbeamEquinox-Pro-80mm-260818@1237.png – note this shows wavelength on x-axis now:

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