Bright field vs. Crossed Polarisation filters of slide cultured in pot pond at LRO 27/5/2018

LOMO Polam P-113 microscope.

Microscopy forum posts discuss using polarisation to view microscopic slides of pond life – apparently it can be quite spectacular! Well, my observations today were not spectacular but I had some success – see below…


x11 objective, bright field – a piece of pond weed (below):

This is the most successful observation today. The above field of view after introducing crossed polar filters (below, showing bi-refringence in the plant material) (x11 objective):

The following is a little weird – bi-refringence at the edge of the cover slip! (Below, again x11 objective):

However other parts of the slide do not show bi-refringence, such as this collection of material (below, x11) – bright field followed by crossed polars (there is a tiny amount of bi-refringence only at the lower right):

I had hoped to get more luck at higher magnifications – here is a slide at x20 – crossed polars followed by bright field (below):

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