Bootes binaries.

Swadlincote 2/5/2018

Lovely to get a clear gap before the Moon rises , after a very mixed weather bag. I had a look at the Methuselah star in Libra , low in the east , one of the oldest stars known and sitting alone .A few globulars, not getting dark enough for anything useful.

Bootes was nicely placed to sit at the scope, Vixen 102, 5.5mm, 13mm and the book of double stars ( Sissy Haas). Bootes is packed full with some lovely colourful binaries,

1 Bootis,a blue white delicate variable at 4.5″ (SAO 82942)
Σ1785 pair of eyes at 2.8″(SAO 83011)
Σ1812 very contrast by averted (SAO 83219)
kappa Bootis a gorgeous 13.8″ (SAO 29046)
iota ( Acsellus secundus) , lovely contrast between the +4.7 and +7.4 primary (SAO 29071)
Σ1825 great contrast at 4.4″
Σ1835 white and blue with contrast at 6.2″
Pi Bootis at 5.4″ (SAO 101138)
Izar , a real gem , yellow and blue,use a bit of mag to tease out the primary at 2.9 “, beauty !
Σ1879 at 1.7″ (SAO 120651)
Σ 1884 a close yellow and blue beauty at 2.1″ (SAO 83535)
Σ1889 about x40 gets it in the heart of the  fov with a delicate companion
39 Bootis again x40 picked this at 2.6″(SAO 45231)
Σ1886 , picked out this with the 13mm
Xi Bootis 5.4″ (SAO 101250) yellow and red colour here.
ΟΣ 288 this is 1.1″ , caught a glimpse using about x250 (SAO 101273)
Σ1910 twins at x100, 3.8″ ( SAO 120851)
delta Bootis , beautifully coloured vivid orange, wide at 106″ (SAO 64589)
Alkalurops, gem of a triple down to 1.5”, well worth finding and teasing out (SAO 64686)
ΟΣ298 a more challenging triple. (SAO 64800)

Superb session, lovely to watch Cygnus climb into those promising summer skies, under clear skies ! Jupiter was just over a roof top, bit wobbly , but huge . Get ready for the 9th of May opposition.

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