Bodes & Cigar

From Sunday Night- there was little bit of darkness before the moon rose and I had a go at the M81/82 pair. This has long been a favourite target visually, and so I decided to have another go at imaging it- this time with my 8 inch scope and with another 15 months imaging experience under my belt.

Capture details: 24x 4mins with IDAS D2 + Darks, Flats & Bias.

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  1. Thanks Paul- yes, the shed makes it so much easier. I think the scope is identical to yours: it’s a Skywatcher f5 8inch and has a Canon DSLR at prime focus. I have to use a coma corrector, because otherwise I get egg-shaped stars, so it’s actually at f4.5.

    1. Thanks Andy. No- I’ve not yet managed to do any imaging away from home- I was too busy having fun with the dob at the last meeting 😁

  2. Looks good well done particularly with those new street lights. The new observatory shed is working well.
    What scope used and assume camera is at prime focus.

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