Binaries under the Moon.

Cold , clear and a bright moon. It was struggle to get contrast with NGC 2903 just showing and M67 bleached out. The main stars of M44 held. Once again binaries gave some cracking views in particular with tight separations and some faint companions spotted.

Talitha in UMa proved once more very elusive , I spent some time with filters , eventually just managing to squeeze out the small puff of the secondary in the glare. There was lots of colour on show. The best being. Low power visit to ” La Superba ” in CNv. There are some fantastic binaries here.

Back to Cancer and “Tegmine”. What a superb split at x216. It held perfectly stable at a widening 1.1″.
57 Cancri showed a slightly easier 1.5″, delightfully bright and even in a lovely star field.
Up to the rising UMa .
57 giving a lovely delicate companion at x150.
65 showing the lovely triple of differing magnitudes. It’s superb to increase the magnification to split these open.
Then a real favourite and showcase at,
Σ1831,this obvious line of stars splits open to show a most delicate pair at x 150.

A bit of a struggle with the moon behind. Kept get bright flashes off my glasses ! High misty stuff with a deep ground frost completed a very satisfying session,
Old Nick.

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