Beware overtightening !

img_4370This is from Paul who came down to visit the club from St Helens. Having had issues with his eq5 goto slipping, he took the mount apart.

Yikes ! This is the damage to the aluminium head that the ALT/DEC steel bolts push against to get polar alignment. The stock Skywatcher bolts are very soft. Any pressure on them and they’ll bend like butter in a toaster. Replacing these bolts with hardened steel will save you having trouble.

But beware, there is no need to force or overtighten any bolts. Treat everything as if it’s made of glass ( some of it is !) These adjustment bolts just have to press against the head, not drill through it.

In very cold weather overtightened bolts can snap, be gentle. Paul’s sending his mount off to Peter Drew at the Todmorden Astronomy Centre for a hopeful mend. Probably a steel sheet tapped into place or similar wizardry.

clear skies  !



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