Hi All,

Got a new toy for Christmas and just waited for a clear night. Only one night so far, so have only managed a quick image of the B30 nebula in Orion.

The new toy is for processing, it’s the Straton star removal program.

Having taken only 6x5minute images in each of Red, Green, Blue and Ha, the data was stacked in Deep Sky Stacker. Next, each one was put through Fits Liberator. These master images were then all aligned in Maxim DL.

The RGB images were put through Photo Shop curves and combined then tweeked in the colour adjustments.

The Ha image was put through the new toy and had all the stars removed from it in 35 minutes (automatically of course!).

This was then put back in PS and combined in “Levels” with the RGB image. After a bit more fiddling in curves I got this result.

It sounds a long and complicated process……….IT IS!!

Anyway, for a first attempt I’m quite pleased with the result.



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