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Process of my M42 photo 17/1/2020 by Damian 23/1/2020

The following is the result of Damian’s processing of my M42 data. I wish I had got this result when I processed the image!

Damian’s comment:

“Very quickly took a look at the .tif file you included with those downloads. You have plenty of data in that file – proper flat frames would certainly help…. I’ll reprocess from scratch over the weekend (hopefully). Here is a version though – from your own file. This was a quick 5 minute process, just to see what data is in the file. I’ve made no effort to keep detail in the core, allowed the stars to bloat and added no noise reduction. All I’ve done was to try and neutralise the light pollution gradients and stretched…. Gave it a bit of colour to keep you happy for now!”


Damian’s version of my photo:

Compare above with my version:

The most obvious thing to me is that I have clipped the black.

M42 photo from Lichfield 17/1/2020 – QHY10

QHY10 60 sec sub-frames, darks and flats.

The following photos show how the same photo can appear quite differently when slightly different processing systems used – including PixInsight Dynamic Background Extraction, eyedropper to set background black level in Photoshop, synthetic flat field in Nebulosity, curves and levels in various programmes.

Which version do you prefer?