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I’ve been working on the Pacman nebula over the past few days but I thought I’d make a start on the California the other night. I’m Just amazed the difference this mono camera is having for my narrowband images.

Look forward to adding some more subs and potentially OII and SII

16 x 5min HA




M106 and companions

M106 from the 22nd and 23rd March. I havent been able to get any HA images of 106 yet but im pleased so far with the LRGB data. I did have an issue with what appears to be CA (chromatic aberration) although this is likely my fault as im new to combining RGB images. Ian King is currently looking at the scope for evaluation. 100×1.5min luminance 20×1.5min RGB



First HALRGB M101

Decided to add in some HA i had collected on M101 bringing out some lovely red star forming regions. Its a bit of a learning curve with this like everything in astronomy as i had to mask the master HA considerably before adding it to the red channel. By masking so heavily i inevitably discarded most of the HA data i had collected which is a disappointment but thats something ill know for future galaxy images.



I recently purchased a new mono camera which will be primarily used for widefield images of nebula. Since the pixel size is relatively small at 3.75u giving me 1.5″ arc secs pixel i thought id give it a go at some galaxies. Moving from a modified dslr to dedicated cooled camera has not been the easiest with a new set of tools to learn including combining channels and learning new software.

So here i have M101 taken on the 26th and 27th March 102×1.5min luminace, 25x 1.5min RGB of each channel.

Asi 6200 mm +Fsq 106


Flaming star IC 405

Its been a couple of months since I’ve done any astrophotography mainly due to family commitments and gardening during the long summer days. This image of the flaming star was actually one from last year that had a few issues so i decided to leave it for a summer holiday to process. I had quite a few dust bunnies which my flats didn’t resolve so I’ve used clone stamp in pixinsight. 43×2.5min + darks and flats.