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The Heart of the Heart nebula

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Here is my attempt at the heart of the heart nebula showing the melotte 15 star cluster.

I used my skywatcher 250pds on the Neq6 Pro mount. I shot through the optolong lenhance filter and the baader mark III coma corrector.

These images are 54 x 10 minute frames at ISO 1600 stacked in deep sky stacker and processed in pixinsight and photoshop. I also used star net to create a starless version of the image too!

V5 synscan hand controller issue

I was setting up for a clear night today and came across this issue with my hand controller. This is the first time it’s done this. All my setup is exactly the same with power coming from mains. I’ve read something about low voltage or current, but it worked perfectly before with the same cable! I tried connecting it to my other mount with another cable and the same issue occurred. This has led me to believe my hand controller has been damaged in some way? Has anyone experienced this before?

The crescent Nebula

Over the last 2 weeks I collected a total of 12 hours on NGC 6888. This was my first image taken using the optolong l-enhance filter. I think it turned out very well. I extracted the HA and OIII using photoshop and composed the image in HOO. Quite excited to get some single narrowband filters. I was thinking of the optolong 6.5nm OIII filter as a start. I will certainly be collecting more data on this target in narrowband.

IC 1396

Here is my first try at the elephant trunk Nebula. Due to my long focal length, I was just able to fit the most notable part of the Nebula into my frame.

These are 23 x 15 minute frames stacked in Deep Sky stacker and processed in Pixinsight. I’m very glad I modified my dslr as I would never be able to capture that much HA with a stock dslr.

I use Astrophotography tool to control my dslr, I also dithered a little in between exposures.

Copernicus Crater

This is the Copernicus moon Crater I imaged last night with my skywatcher 250PDS, qhy5-ii mono and celestron X-Cel 2x barlow.

Captured 10,000 frames chose the best 10%. Image stabilised in Pipp and Stacked in Registacks.