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Cone Nebula (SH2-273)

Hi All,

Still not able to get PHD to work. So here is an unguided image of the Cone Nebula. This is 50 x 2 minute subs in Ha. The Scope is the Takahashi Epsilon ED180 @ f2.8 and the Atik 4021. This gives a Field Of View (FOV) of 102’x102′.

I’m getting the data for RGB so will post a HaRGB image later.

For those who don’t know, if you hover the mouse over the image and click, you get a magnified image.


Sharpless objects

This is a group of Sharpless objects: sh2-254, 255, 256, 257, 258, and 259

Still no PHD so again this is 2minutes x 23 unguided in Ha.

Just to guide you through, 254 is the largest nebula on the top. 257 is the next one down. 256 is the small one on the right of 257, and 255 is the lowest of the main group. Now for the difficult ones. 258 is very faint and small just below 255, by the width of 255 (on the left of two small adjacent stars). 259 is to the right of the main nebula 254 just above two bright stars near the edge of the image and again is faint.



Abell 85

Hi all,

For those that I didn’t see on Friday, the previous post requesting if anyone knew what the object was, it is Abell 85 (or otherwise CTB-1). When it was found, it was thought to be a Planetary Nebula, and given the label Abell 85. It has since been re-assessed and now is believed to be a Super Nova Remnant. It has also been given the name CTB-1 but has not been given a SN number and not logged into the list of Super Novas. Hence I couldn’t find it!


Anyone know what this is?

Testing the Eagle again but can’t get the usb programs to work, so only the power so far. Also the guiding PHD doesn’t work so this is an unguided image of 47 x 2 minutes in Ha. The object is located in Cassiopeia ( RA:0h,0m,20s DEC: 62d,29m,38s) and appears to be a Super Nova Remnant . It is faint, thin and about 1 degree wide. It is not a Sharpless object and it doesn’t appear in any catalogue of Super Novas that I have seen. Any ideas?


Testing the Eagle

Hi All,

Got out last night to test the Eagle 3S magic box. Ed has now been able to make all the power cables for the devices on the mount. There is a small glitch in that the preloaded software for the cameras is not compatible with the Atik so we, (Ed), is going to load a new set of data that’s available on line to install new drivers. Then the USB’s will hopefully work. So I fitted up all the 5 power cables and then reverted back to the “old” system for the USB connections. The image above was taken with this rig. It is the Jellyfish Nebula (AKA SH2-248 with SH2-249 in the top left). Taken with the Tak Epsilon and Atik 4021, using an Ha filter. This is a total of just 35 minutes………7×5 minute subs, stacked in DSS, then Fits Liberator, and tweeked in PS. The system so far works!!!!



Moon trial

This is the continued trial of the RC6. First I’ve taken of the moon up close for some 10 years. OK it’s taken in nearly full moon conditions so I’m pleased with the result. This is centred on Capernicus so I need to swap left over right to have correct orientation!

Taken with the RC6 with a luminance filter and the Atik 314L+ camera. A total of 254 frames of 3 second duration. Processed in Registax6 and PS4.