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‘Almost’ Supermoon last night

HI Folks

*Update – sharpened the picture very slightly in PS ***

Last night was pretty clear for a while so I thought I’d do some prep work so I could get some good images of tonight’s Supermoon (21st March).

Well, as we can all see outside, that’s not going to happen (100% cloud here)

Anyway I got this nice one last night, with the SW 102 and the ZWO 174 camera, stacked in Registax 6 and tweaked slightly in PS

Enjoy !

T2 to 2″ adaptor

Hi Folks

After buying my nice new shiny UHC filter from Astrofest, when I got home I realised I hadn’t actually got any way of using it with my DSLR. If I attached it to my 2″ diagonal, I couldn’t get enough back-focus and if I connected the DSLR via a T2 adapter, I couldn’t connect the 2″ filter.

After a bit of digging, I found this T2 to 2″ adaptor on eBay for the princely sum of £4.99. It arrived in 12days from China:-

Here was my original DSLR to T2 to 2″ connection:-


Here’s the new version with the adaptor:-

I haven’t tried it yet but I can’t see why it shoudn’t work. I’ll let you know


If the cap fits …….

A couple of days ago the sun was shining nicely (that’s the big yellow thing that hangs in the sky occasionally) so I though I would try some more solar observing. I was just slewing my scope tound when it suddenly occurred to me that my guide camera was about to get fried as there was no cap on the guide scope.

I looked around my junk box for an old binocular cap but of course none of them fitted.

Rather than going into full-blown Blue Peter mode I thought I’d look on eBay for a cap, and I came up with this. It’s like a DSLR lens cap but slightly smaller (52mm)

It works a treat and was only £1.79 from a UK source. It clips in very firmly and even has a string attached so you cant lose it

Nice solar flare today

FIrst time I’ve had the solar gear set up for a while, and it was a lovely clear day so I caught this nice flare

Skywatcher Startravel 102 F/5 + Quark Chromosphere and ZWO ASI174 MC camera. I seem to have picked up a slight Newton ring artefact in the processing so I’ll have another look at that. Strangely too, the PNG image here looks more blurred than the TIFF


My Astrofest shopping – 2″ UHC filter

Hi Folks
After hearing all the rave reviews about UHC filters I thought I’d buy one at Astrofest. I bought this one from 365Astronomy as their kit is usually good quality . Very reasonably priced at £52 (show price).
Here’s an interesting article on light pollution filters:-
See you on Friday

Insomnia Rules OK

Well, I seem to have joined two clubs recently. One is the insomnia club, and the second is the Roger Samworth School of Double Glazing Photography

I was awake in the early hours today and just happened to glance out of the window to see this fantastic sight. It’s (from left to right) Venus, Moon , Jupiter and Antares


NIce, huh?

Lunar Eclipse January 21st 2019

Hi Folks

Well, after seeing all of the photos from the other members, it looks like was incredibly lucky to have a 40minute gap in the clouds to get a few semi-decent photos. I had been getting set up for the mini event at RFC, so I had everything prepared and I just left the scopes ticking away in the background while I re-processed some images in my cabin.

I had two scopes set up, both Skywatcher 102 Startravel refractors. One had a Canon EOS750D hanging off the back, with a 30mm T2 extension. The other was connected to my ZWO ASI174MC camera. The first was on a Synscan mount and the second on an NEQ6 Pro and both setups were taking ont frame per minute

Anyway, here’s what I managed to get over the course of the evening, bearing in mind I went outside about 2.30am (Silly me):-

3.10am – Absolutely Zip, nada, nothing but clouds

3.11am  – a glinner of hope

Back to 100% cloud until 4.19. I was on the verge of giving up then I noticed that the All sky camera picture had changed and the clouds were breaking a bit

Back to wating patiently …….. Until 4.54 and the first glimpse of the Blood Moon


And ONE MINUTE LATER ….. All the clouds disappeared as if by magic. It completely overexposed the first  couple of pictures

Here were my best three pics of the night (still to be improved on)


Roll on 16th July for the partial eclipse