Attempting to photograph sun with QHY10 11/8/2019 @ 14:00

I attempted to photograph the Sun today using my QHY10 camera on my Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm scope on my Manfrotto mount.



The following photograph with 20mm on focuser scale – not sure how close to focus this is.

In order to obtain this image, I had to reduce the intensity of the Sun – look at my aperture mask on the photo used with Herschel Wedge AND polar filter at maximum setting; and even then the above required light cloud otherwise white-out occurred! This is with lowest exposure setting on Nebulosity 4. Damian advised tonight trying a solar film over telescope in addition to the Herschel Wedge next time


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  1. Damian is quite right. If you use a mask to stop down your aperture you are in danger of losing resolution due to diffraction limitation. See

    I suspect solar film AND Herschel wedge will mage the image too dim, and then you will run into noise problems.

    For white light I find my 80mm ST80 and Mikrokular set-up is fine with just a solar film

    Have you tried your Quark?

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