First attempt at calibrating RELCO starter spectrum against solar spectrum

This post is a follow up to this previous one:

Calibrating spectrometers – using solar spectrum as gold standard

Following is solar spectrum recorded today (cloudy sky, CCDSPEC):

I went through process of calibrating it against solar Fraunhofer lines – so following has wavelength on x-axis post-calibration:

I then took a spectrum of the RELCO starter lamp using the CCDSPEC (same set up as above):

And used the solar calibration file as a calibration file for the RELCO starter spectrum to give the following calibrated image – of course any errors in the solar calibration will now have also affected the calibration of this image…..

My next step is to compare the wavelengths of the lines on the spectrum above to those listed at – hopefully, even if my spectrum is out by a couple of namometers in places, I will be able to identify the lines in my spectrum and hence their precise frequencies – which would then allow me to recalibrate the spectrum but this time against the correct frequencies for the RELCO starter bulb.


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