At last! A new spot! 05/02/2018

At last! A new spot! Spaceweather says:

“A new sunspot (AR2699) is rotating into view over the sun’s eastern limb, and it has announced itself with a flurry of B- and C-class solar flares. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory caught one of the explosions coinciding with the liftoff of a giant magnetic filament at 19:58 UT on Feb. 4th:

These flares are relatively weak and would probably escape notice during a more active phase of the solar cycle. However, we are now on the eve of Solar Minimum. C-class flares, albeit “weak,” are sharp departures from months of tomb-like quiet on the solar surface. Extreme UV radiation from the flares is causing minor waves of ionization in Earth’s upper atmosphere. Otherwise, the explosions have not been geoeffective.”


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