Astrophotography log 12/1/2020

  • Lichfield, UK.
  • William Optics 66mm scope, Altair Astro 183M mono camera.
  • Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm scope, QHY10 one-shot colour camera.
  • Sky Watcher EQ6 mount, unmodified.

I am quite pleased with myself with what I have achieved tonight in my astro imaging – and it gives an idea of just how long this astrophotogtaphy stuff takes especially when you are relatively new to it as I am – I am pleased because I have achieved something but as you can see below it wasn’t that much! This is after spending over 6 months during my sick leave trying to learn astrophotography in UK. Mind you, very poor weather has limited opportunities to be outside during that time to a very great extent. I started at 4.30pm and finished at 10.45pm. In that time, I exchanged the QHY6 camera on my William Optics scope on the dual mounting bar of my imaging setup for the Altair 183M, and then spent a long time changing t-extension tubes around until I got the right combination to allow me to get the Tele Vue 14mm Radian eyepeice in the TS-optics OAG/flip mirror on same scope par-focal with the Alair 183M camera. I then aligned the 183M and QHY10 cameras – the latter also on the dual mounting bar but on my Sky Watcher Equinox Pro 80mm scope – I say aligned although a more precise alignment needs to be done on another day so fields of view of two cameras match as closely as possible (my intention is to simultaneously take black and white photo for luminence and colour to combine with it – lot faster than RGB). I then rolled the mount and scope and cameras outside onto the grass, polar aligned using my Polemaster scope. All this was completed by 6.20pm when I could start imaging. I have managed to get data on M45 which could be quite good for 60 odd minutes before it went behind a tree. It took until 9PM to get that data due to issues getting the scopes (particularly the QHY10) to play ball. I then had a go at the Horsehead/Flame Nebulae but I suspect that data is useless due to cloud comin

For the first time I aligned using EQMOD, although only used one alignment point – actually worked quite well as I had carefully polar aligned using Polemaster – Polenaster really is quite brilliant!


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