Astrocamp Star Party – Brecon Beacons 22nd -25th March 2017

**** SORRY – CANCEL THIS – I just realised I can’t go that weekend. Oops ********


Hi Folks


I’m considering going to the Astrocamp Star party in the Brecon Beacons (22nd– 25th March). Is anyone else going , or does anyone fancy it?

Reply direct to me if you like


Ed Mann

07802 350187

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  1. Sorry Ed. That comment was intended for David’s post! Senility setting in. That’s 2 Oops’s in one post – is this a record?

  2. It was also my ambition (for ever!) to see the spiral arms of a galaxy. I even bought a 12″ dob for the purpose. At the same time, I spent £170-odd on a PD camera. I couldn’t see arms with the dob – but even using the PD as an electronic eyepiece with my 8″ SCT – wow! I have since sold the dob!
    from the RAG archive to see the raw and processed images of M51.
    I have since changed the way I process things, but that document is still fine.

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