AR 2738 today – 13/04/2019

Quite a lot of activity this morning but AR2738 still dominates the show. The white light “split” is now quite clear.

SpaceWeather says:

“IS SUNSPOT AR2738 SPLITTING IN TWO? The primary core of sunspot AR2738 is divided by a brilliant canyon of light–also known as a “light bridge“–measuring some 20,000 km from end to end.  – – – – The light bridge is only about 800 km wide–less than the width of the state of Texas. His image captures not only that narrow divide, but also hundreds of surrounding granules on the sun’s boiling surface .

The nature of light bridges is not fully understood. They often herald the break-up of a sunspot. Some research suggests that magnetic fields at the base of a light bridge are busy cross-crossing and reconnecting–the same explosive process that sparks solar flares. Does this mean sunspot AR2738 will explode–or quietly fall apart? No one can say.”

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  1. Yet again the advantages of the double glazed obs come to the fore, by the time I’d set the rig up with the 3 scopes, got the imaging set up ready the cloud appeared with a vengeance, any attempt to image was thwarted!! Got some visual views in white light and H alpha, the spot reminded me of an amoeba about to split. Sorry Rog Ca k will have to wait for another day, on the bonus side I got the monitor wired up and opersational with the PD camera.


      1. Thanks again for all your photos and heads-up – I managed to do a Calcium-H photo of the new sunspot – my first ever semi-decent photo in Calcium-H – but then cloud stopped me getting a H-Alpha at the same time (and lack of competence!) – I have put my Calcium-H photo on the blog too.

    1. I have had a go at taking a photo in Calcium-H today – although I am sure this is only a mediocre photo and its resolution is poor I am still quite excited by some of the detail. Would have been lovely to compare it to a Calcium-K photo from yourself if you get the chance over the weekend – I have put my photo on the blog.

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