April kick off !

Swadlincote 1/4/17 C6r.
By ten it was tolerably dark, but a light haze didn’t help with galaxy views. Dropping off Chara there were a few there , down to NGC 4449. Leo was hardly better and only M64 showed in in Coma Berenices.

Jupiter wobbled like a huge jelly, M3 was very faint,time to hunt out a few favourite binaries. For the first time I caught a sub 1″ separation. Worth carrying on for decent seeing at high altitude.

Leo . Σ1426 (SAO 118241) and a lovely view of this group. Σ1447 (SAO 81415) and a white star with a bluish “smokeball, some 676AU separation.

Coma Berenices. Σ1639 (SAO 82293) a widening 1.8″ at 166AU.

25 Canum Veneticorum. (SAO 63648) , some super contrast here, white and blue at 1.7” and 103AU separation.

With difficult atmosphere and light pollution, it’s worth giving these super sights a shot. The great constellation Bootes is climbing with a feast of binaries. Clear skies ! Nick.

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