Anyone know what this is?

Testing the Eagle again but can’t get the usb programs to work, so only the power so far. Also the guiding PHD doesn’t work so this is an unguided image of 47 x 2 minutes in Ha. The object is located in Cassiopeia ( RA:0h,0m,20s DEC: 62d,29m,38s) and appears to be a Super Nova Remnant . It is faint, thin and about 1 degree wide. It is not a Sharpless object and it doesn’t appear in any catalogue of Super Novas that I have seen. Any ideas?


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  1. Thanks for showing us this – I won’t say what it is after you told me on Friday night – I would never have guessed!!
    Its history as an object recognised by science is very interesting – thanks for sharing!
    Ohh and the picture is fantastic too!!

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