Another version of my M42 data from 17/1/2020 processed with Astroflat Pro but without flat frames I took on night 27/1/2020

My previous version of M42 processed with Astroflat Pro plug in for Photoshop CS2 used my stacked image that included flat frames I took on evening 17/1/2020 – the software is not designed for this but rather to provide artifical flat calibration for images without flat frames and therefore, with Damian’s help, we have re-processed the image without flat frames.

Damian stacked the image I took in Nebulosity 4 without flat frames.

I have applied curves in Photoshop and Astroflat Pro in iterative process to get following image – I found that some curves then using the plug in and repeating process seemed to work well – although I am not sure that it is supposed to work that way!

There is certainly more nebulosity visible around edges of M42 and in the blue emission nebulae elsewhere in the image than previously. I am very happy with this image as I never expected to be able to produce something like this when I started on my astrophotography journey in July 2019 following my operation. I still have long way to go.

For those that don’t own Photoshop, it is an amazing piece of software – very addictive! Not sure I want to be without it now. Old versions work well and are ot cheaper that current version. Google searches will tell you how to carry out same actions as in current version on old versions. At least has done for me do far. I have also enrolled on an online Shaw Academy course on using Photoshop – helping me understand the software.

Below the image is the results of running the image through free online astrometry site.


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