Another Solar post -flare loop? 19/06/2019

This morning I was trying to snatch some images in gaps in the clouds and I got this one. I was immediately struck by the similarity to the image I posted back in February
After some debate with the BAA and “Sky at Night” magazine (April “Message of the Month” it was concluded that this was a “post flare loop”
Again, this one was on all 200 frames of my basic .avi.
So I consulted the GONG web-site again, but unfortunately the only camera available for the time in question was the El Teide one. This camera’s images are always pretty poor, but also attached is a composite if its images bracketing the time of my image. I did a screen-grab and enhanced the contrast in GIMP in order to see anything at all. You can make out the prominence on all the frames (just)!, but I fancy the only frame that contains the feature I saw is the 10:49 one.
GONG images:

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