Another Lunar Image from the (warm!) Window-sill -27/11/2017

Tonight, looking out of the window, the Moon’s phase looked almost exactly right to illuminate the “Straight Wall”, so I determined to have a go with the stacked barlow pair on the 80 mm ST80. As it happened the Straight Wall was almost exactly on the terminator, casting a relatively long shadow and necessitating some contrast stretching to get a half-decent image.


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  1. There is another image of the “Wall” I posted a few months ago at:

    There is not much in it, apart from the different illumination. I think I am approaching the limit of the optics of the double glazing!
    Still, ” The best telescope is the one you use the most”!

    Now, for a proper image of the Wall see Pete’s at:

  2. Nice picture!

    Next time I buy a house I clearly need to consider which way it faces… Thanks for the help on G’Mic- I’ve got it working now.

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