Another DSO challenge – the Hickson catalogue

The appearance of Pegasus reminds me that there are a couple of well-known compact galaxy clusters in that constellation. One of them, Stephan’s Quintet is included in a catalogue of galaxy clusters – the Hickson catalogue

It is a pretty challenging set of targets for all you astrophotographers out there! There is a sub-set of the easier ones (!) at

I have only managed to image 3 out of this list, so far, and here are some PD images from my archive to wet your appetite.

Hickson 44, comprising NGC3187, NGC3193, NGC3190 and NGC3185

Hickson 68, comprising NGC5350, NGC5354, NGC5353, NGC5355 and NGC5358

Hickson 92 (including Stephans Quintet), comprising NGC7320C, NGC7320, NGC7319, NGC7318B, NGC7318A and NGC7317

The other well-known cluster in Pegasus is the Deer-Lick group, comprising NGC7336, NGC7335, NGC7331, NGC7340 and NGC7337

Happy imaging!



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  1. Challenge accepted!

    I’ve had Stephan’s Quintet as an observing target for around a year now, but despite putting my scope bang on it several times I’ve not managed an observation. I’ve 2 dark sky trips planned over the next 2 new moons so have my fingers crossed! (Cue dreadful weather!)

    NGC7331 is actually pretty easy in the dob, but I suspect the rest of the deer lick group will be beyond it even in dark skies.

    I’ve just checked Sky Safari and the 2 groups should be a nice single frame in the 8 inch with the DSLR so I’ll definitely give that a go when I’ve finished my current project which is to try and do a bi colour image. 😁

    1. Judging by your other images, I am looking forward to it! There is another Hickson in Pegasus too – Hickson 93. I’ll have another go myself when the moon is out of the way and the clouds co-operate!

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