An image of two halves – – –

Here is a window-sill solar image from the 19th. The same day as the ones Pete posted, I think. This one was done using the home-made x1.5 barlow and the Mikrokular. I have still got some way to go to optimise this arrangement methinks! It is a composite of 2 images of 2 hemispheres of the Sun that were then stitched together. I think I need much more of an overlap to do this well, but here is the best I could do with this one. I would normally have made another pair of images expose for prominences and then composited them, but due to time constraints, I didn’t do this. What I did do was to extract the prominence images by processing the basic image and then merging that (using GIMP). There isn’t much prominence activity anyway, but you can see them at about 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Some nice filaments though. As usual, the image has been flipped and rotated to match the GONG ones with north at the top.

I have had more success using the home-made x1.5 barlow and the Mikrokular with lunar images from the window-sill that I will post separately.


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