Altair 294c first light

Finally got a clear sky…. Imaged M13 with my new Altair 294c pro tech. First time using it and pleased with the outcome.

Skywatcher 35EQM pro
Skywatcer 80 ED
Altair Astro 294c pro tech
1hr 35mins of images + darks and flats

I have since realised the monthly target was M92, not M13….. sorry! Same constellation though, does that count?

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  1. I love the detail with such round and small stars – I can’t seem to achieve this. However, is it a bit too red? Can you re-process to get wider range of star colour – or is this the colour of these stars? Apologies for not knowing – I should do!

    1. Thanks Andy, not so red on my screen, but that might be my screen temp. I have taken some of the saturation out. see what you think now.

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