‘Almost’ Supermoon last night

HI Folks

*Update – sharpened the picture very slightly in PS ***

Last night was pretty clear for a while so I thought I’d do some prep work so I could get some good images of tonight’s Supermoon (21st March).

Well, as we can all see outside, that’s not going to happen (100% cloud here)

Anyway I got this nice one last night, with the SW 102 and the ZWO 174 camera, stacked in Registax 6 and tweaked slightly in PS

Enjoy !

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  1. Great shot!**!
    Exposure and focus are spot on so the more you zoom the more you see! Assume you used a Moon filter.

    1. Hi Paul

      THanks for the nice comment. No, I didn’t use a moon filter, that was just the camera bolted onto back of the scope with a T2 extension tube

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