All Sky Camera Workshop

A massive thanks to Ed Mann for his RAG ‘All Sky Camera Workshop’ run on Saturday 13th May.

The amount of work he’d put into this event was incredible – what started as a load of bits at 10am turned into a working unit by the time we finished….. around 3pm – still in Saturday!

We left with a set of printed instructions, tips and tricks, and now need to explore just what can be achieved with the software and unit…



I wonder what happens when I do… this!


Bags… of Bits!


Ed’s view of the proceedings – his ‘class’ 😉


The build in progress…


Unit complete!


It’s…. ‘ALIVE’!

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  1. No probs. I enjoyed it too. I have to say many thanks to everyone for helping to set up and clear away and also a BIG THANK YOU to Lee for helping with the WIndows 10 issues.

    I think it was a very positive day for all involved and the group as a whole. There was a real buzz in the room all day and I’ve had some brilliant feedback

    Did it go 100% to plan? Of course not, but I think 70-80% is a fair assessment

    Workshop 2, here we come


  2. Great photos! Thanks for posting these – and allowing those of us who did not attend to share in the fun.
    Thanks too to Ed for offering to do a second workshop for those of us who missed this first one – seeing these photos I can’t wait!

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