All Sky Camera Update

Hi Folks,

I thought I’d better put out an update on where we are with this project

As I mentioned at the presentation in November ,a tsunami hit the Sony Factory last year and closed it for 3 months.

This led to a short supply of the IMX 225 sensor. The supplies are now rolling out again but the only boards currently available seem to be the AHD (Analogue High Definition) camera boards with no UTC (Up The Cable) controller option and we’d still be stuck with the horrible AHD interface. I’m waiting for a supplier to give me a decent quote for one with UTC capabilty. WIthout the UTC option, the little joystick is only 12 inches from the camera which is a real pain when you’re trying to adjust a pciture on a pc screen

I have a couple of IP camera boards, and I have rewritten the configuration software to allow for much longer exposures but the camera firmware won’ t currently allow it. This means the camera has a maximum 60mS exposure with x6 Sense Up, which means a maximum shutter of 480mS.

I’ve just ordered a potentially better camera board for trial.

The new board I’m looking at tis the big brother of the original. It’s the IMX 291, 2MP chip with multi-second exposure and an IP interface. It’s as sensitive as the previous board but the interface is far more user friendly

Datewise, this means the workshop is potentially going to be mid-March as I’m away for a lot of February

Let me know if thiere are any problems



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