All Sky Camera – Mounting options

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One aspect I didn’t get time to discuss at the workshop was mounting options. You have all seen the tripod mount option. The All Sky camera kit came with an M10 rivet nut that can be inserted into a 12mm hole drilled in the centre of the base plate (see last two photos). It can then be tightened up an an M10 bolt until the centre bows outward and rivets the nut into the plate

I needed a way of mounting the camera onto my cabin and this method wasn’t suitable so I came up with the Mk2 version you see in the first three photos. The bracket came from Wickes ( and is a Wickes Galvanised Angle Bracket 90x60x59mmThey cost £1.99. I just drilled 4 x 4mm  holes through the base plate and fixed it with 4 x M4 screws and nuts. The camera case is screwed to the baseplate using the 4 short M4 screws that came with the camera (in the plastic bag in the box). I removed the M25 gland from the side, refitted the M25 blanking plate and put an M20 gland into the bottom hole. There is a pre-punched hole in the base plate that can easily be knocked out

Give me a shout if you need any help with brackets etc.



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