Adding ‘GoTo’ to EQ5 with a Skywatcher 200P?

Hi All

Having owned this mount and scope for nearly a year, I am thinking of adding a GoTo/tracking function by purchasing the SynScan Pro V3 Upgrade kit but would first like to seek the views of any members who have already added this feature or been down this route. At around £300 it should be an excellent accessory and all the utube videos and internet reviews support this.  Alternatively, is it possible to add just motor drives (at around £100) and control these with planetarium software, like Stellarium or Skysafari?

Any views, in favour or against are very welcome. Thanks.

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  1. If you could double your budget then you can get an awful lot of mount second hand on astro buy and sell.
    This mount is currently available and located conveniently in Derby:
    “Skywatcher NEQ6-Pro mount with belt modification and upgraded saddle.
    I am selling my immaculate NEQ6 Pro Rowan belt modded mount.

    The mount has the full Rowan belt modification with thorough cleaning and re-greasing.
    Complete with handset (rarely used) and PC cable.
    Two weights with very little damage/marking – one rarely used.
    Unfortunately I do not have the original box for the tripod but I do have the box for the NEQ6 mount.
    The mount also has upgraded alt-az bolts.
    Mount supplied with GeOptik upgraded Vixen/Losmandy saddle.
    The mount is less than three years old and is always stored indoors when not in use.

    Has been used with either ED80DS-Pro, WO-ZS71 or Samyang 135mm + camera.
    With PHD guiding it has easily achieved 600 second exposures.

    Selling because it is just getting too heavy for my old back and hands 🙁
    Price: £650
    Posted on: 2019-08-01 14:11:42
    Last Updated on: 2019-08-01 17:36:28
    New or Repeat ad: New”

  2. Hi Paul,
    This is a personal perspective – I think that GOTO is worth having – it adds a dimension to observing that is significantly different from without – it allows you for example to study a range of planetary nebulae in one sitting and appreciate the range of differences in appearance. It allows you to look for very faint objects beyond your existing star-hopping skills, etc.
    However, is it worth adding it to your EQ5? First question – do you have another mount/telescope that already offers GOTO – if so the advantage of adding it to another scope is reduced. If not, then the next question is whether it is worth adding GOTO to a non-GOTO EQ5 – or whether you would be better selling the EQ5 and buying a second hand EQ5 Pro or even a second hand HEQ5 Pro mount – which gives better load-carrying ability and stability.
    The Pro versions of the mounts have inbuilt GOTO and less dangly bits to get damaged than non-GOTO non-Pro versions which have been upgraded with GOTO units.
    This of course depends on whether you can sell the EQ5 and find a second hand HEQ5-Pro…..

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