Adding categories to posts on the RAG Blog (

Please could I remind all members that, when adding new posts to the Rosliston Astronomy Group blog, please ensure that you choose at least two categories for the post before you save it.

You should add the following two categories:

The first is your name – choose this from the contributor list – if your name is not there you can add it in the box below the category list.

The second category should be the nature of the content of the blog itself (eg. “Astrophotography – deep sky”) from the choice available in categories. If this is not covered in the categories available please contact me using the RAG contact page on to say what category you need creating.

It is acceptable to add more than one category for the nature of the content of the blog if appropriate to the post.

Please ensure that the category “Uncategorized” is NOT ticked/selected – this will default to being selected if you save a draft of the blog post without choosing categories for it!


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