Adding anti-slip rubber sheet of Ed Mann’s battery pack

Ed Mann built a fantastic battery pack for several members of RAG including myself. These packs are based around a 75AH leisure battery and provide 12V and 230V outputs abd plenty of juice to power anything we need in the field from mounts to laptops.

However they are quite heavy. To help with transpirt i purchased a Homebase foldable sack truck.

There was still a problem left – the battery pack is housed in a plastic box that tends to slip on the sack truck and fall off. Bungy cords provided part of the solution and today I added the second aspect: I glued 3mm rubber sheet to the bottom of the battery pack and now it will never slip again! To acheive this, I had to empty the battery box first before I coukd turn the box over, but I got there eventually and aI am pleased with the result.



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