Actual summer darkness.

9/6/18 Swadlincote C6r refractor, 6.5mm Explore Scientific, 5.5mm Meade UWA , 6mm Circle T, 23mm Panoptic, 11mm 


Set up and the clouds rolled in, went out an hour later and very clear. Caught the GRS transit , the northern belt and the GRS looked incredible at x200. Both very dark, good to catch not only the nice clear pit , but a long thin streamer coming from the GRS. Possibly best views this year of Jupiter.

Looking up and at the zenith , the sky was full of stars. Shapes began to fill in the Summer Triangle and Ophiuchus. Some very surprising views of M57 and the great fluffy M57. Very contrasts with UHC and Oiii filters. Even managed the Eastern Veil , NGC 6695 to NGC 6692 sweep.

For summery open clusters, the “Summer Beehive” and “Graff’s cluster” are little mentioned , but provide stunning entertainment.

Antares ( worth a look for colour and teasing out the close companion) and the claws of Scorpio were low in the south . Have a look at the very bright binary view of the white and blue beta ( Graffias ) and there’s a really beautiful ” double double”, ν Scorpii at 16h12.0m. -19 28′. There’s also another double double here at Xi Scorpii facing Σ 1999 at 16h04m. -11 22′.

Rho Ophiuchi gives an unusual multiple star, lovely at low magnification.

Very unusual to get that amount of darkness and lovely views in June , very clear skies ! Nick.

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