A Virgo galaxy selection 28-29/03/2019

As Rob alluded to the other day – so much choice, so little time!

Anyway here is a selection of images from last night.

Firstly a nice pair NGC 4762 and NGC 4754.


Then on to NGC 4222, NGC 4216 and NGC 4206, a nice triplet of edge-on galaxies. This one is a mosaic of 3 images, in fact.

A nice dust lane is visible in NGC 4216.



NGC 4216 has a 15.4 magnitude companion – PGC 39247

Then on to NGC 4608. This is a barred spiral, but I could only get the bar.

Finally, a pair of ellipticals, NGC 4461 and NGC 4458

All these images were acquired with a senseup of 1024 and are a stack of 20 of these – around 400 sec exposure in total.

Stacked in Registax 5 and processed in GIMP.

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