A Tipsy Dither

At last AP group meeting Neil suggested sharing bloopers, and I was thinking afterwards that it was a good idea- so here’s my submission…

Sods law dictated that the only clear night in weeks should coincide with a pre-arranged zoom drinks and quiz night with some local dads. I thought that at least I could get some imaging done whilst it was on. Trouble is, to avoid walking noise, I have to manually dither the mount.

Three rounds in, before my turn to be question master, I suggested we have a ten minute break and quickly hared into the garden. Unfortunately it’s quite a delicate procedure, involving a tiny couple of degrees on the slo-mo knob. I completely botched it and had to do a hasty re-alignment. Just about got it done and ran back in thinking ‘Phew- got away with that’.

No, I didn’t.

See below: imaging restarted with completely different framing and polar alignment knocked out, leaving the mount slewing drunkenly off track. A bit like myself!

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