A little lunar session

We had a nice family movie night last night (Solo- very underrated in my view!) and when it finished we spotted it was clear out. Thought we’d have a quick view through the dob and it looked so good we opened the shed up to take some pictures. Here’s Sam in action on the laptop:

This is my favourite- I’m really taken with Montes Riphaeus picked out on the lower left hand side of this- they look quite small here- but this is a range over 100 miles long and 30 miles wide.

Here’s the Plato Crater- this is the view that persuaded me to get the imaging rig going- at the top of the picture you can see the crescent of Montes Jura arcing off into the shadow. This is a range of mountains similar in scale to the Alps and the bit that really grabbed me was the shadow from the end of range reaching out away from us across the smooth lunar floor. In the 8 inch dob at 350x this looked epic.

Finally, here’s a view of a rougher area- the Southern lunar highlands. The standout features here are the terracing that you can see on the 4800m high walls of the Tycho crater top and right of centre and the giant Clavius crater left of centre. The crater itself is 140 miles wide, with 5 smaller craters arcing across its floor.

Each image is taken from a 1 minute video shot with an ASI224 + 3.2x Barlow on a SW200p scope. We used Autostakkert!3 to identify and stack the best 10% of frames and then used sharpening and colour management in Pixinsight to finish it off.

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