A Couple of Wizards

Finally had a chance to process some data from 25th Sep- data taken overnight after Tom Fields spectroscopy talk. This data is of NGC7380- the Wizard Nebula. I used the 130pds scope and ASI1600mm Camera.

The acquisition details are:

R,G,B – each 20x 30s (Stars)

Ha,Oiii,Sii – each 100x 60s (Nebula).

All at Gain 250.

There’s 2 presentations: the first is SHO, but with the green channel then mostly re-distributed into yellow and blue, the second is more naturalistic with Ha and Sii fed into Red and Oiii into blue and green, with a 50% multiplier on blue and a reduction in Red where Oiii is present. So not very naturalistic!



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